Certificates and Assurance
Tests & Certificates
Quality Assurance Is Our Strategic Focus

Health, safety, and the environment are the most significant aspects of our high-quality production line in the pipe industry. Hence, we continuously ensure that our products are extensively tested inside and outside our highly equipped laboratories. Accordingly, our products have been tested and recognized by more than 40 establishments.

Tests & Certificates
Internal Control:

✅ Material Characterization Tests
✅ Dimensional Tests
✅ Thermal Reversion Properties
✅ Color Measurement Test with Spectro
✅ Thermocycling Test
✅ Creep Strength Test (Short Term)
✅ Thermal Stability Test ( 110˚C @ 8760 h )
✅ Impact Strength
✅ Peeling Strength Test

  • Certified by More Than 40 Worldwide Consultants, Institutions and Partners
  • Certified by most of the national and international   Consultants, Institutions, and Partners located in Egypt